Hook n’ Look Season 5 DVD

Hook n' Look Season 5 DVD

“Hook n’ Look,” jump in with both feet as you accompany twenty year veteran professional angler and lead diver, Kim Stricker and his son, Danny, as they explore the lake bottom for an up-close look into the fish’s neighborhood. Much more than a fishing show, “Hook n’ Look” is a captivating fishing experience, above and below the surface.


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Hook n’ Look Season 5 DVD has 13 Episodes on a 2-Disc set, with over 4 hours of footage that will educate viewers from a fish-eye perspective as we reveal how the fish are relating to the structure, uncover the forage, and demonstrate the action and effectiveness of our lures beneath the surface.

Episode #1
Title: What About Bobbers
Location: Lake Winnipesaukee, NH
Guest: Doug Minor, Strike King Lure Company
Lure: Strike King “Rage Baby Craw”
Preview: http://youtu.be/0NzlBd8cPcY

Episode #2
Title: Pontoon Lagoon
Location: Small Inland Lake
Lure: Strike King 4″ Caffeine Shad
Preview: http://youtu.be/_SGqwFXHYdk

Episode #3
Title: Soo Happy Salmon
Location: Sault Ste. Marie, MI
Guest: John Giuliani
Lure: Strike King Z-Too
Preview: http://youtu.be/EiPiawhpPe4

Episode #4
Title: Smallies At The Door
Location: Washington Island, Door County, WI
Guest: Darren Jacobson, Strike King Lure Company
Lure: Drop-shot Rigged Strike King Baby Rodent
Preview: http://youtu.be/g-QN7sYxeNU

Episode #5
Title: It’s All In The Family
Location: Inland Lake in Michigan
Guest: Jonathon VanDam
Lure: Strike King 7″ Super Finesse Worm
Preview: http://youtu.be/7h5r-3JRBB8

Episode #6
Title: Monkey Business
Location: Small Inland Lake
Guest: Steve Parks, Strike King Lure Company
Lure: Strike King Rage Space Monkey
Preview: http://youtu.be/qVXNVd7KfcY

Episode #7
Title: It’s All About Louie
Location: Northern Michigan Lake
Guest: Louie Stout, Bassmaster Senior Writer
Lure: Strike King Baby Burner Spinnerbait and 4″ Super Finesse Worm
Preview: http://youtu.be/wSTHa4CE8uU

Episode #8
Title: St. Lawrence River Gold
Location:1000 Islands Area
Guest: Dean Meckes, fishing Guide
Lure: Strike King Rage Tail Grub
Preview: http://youtu.be/bHy2qpeQPEU

Episode #9
Title: We Crushed’em Yesterday!
Location: Great Lakes, MI
Guest: Mark Gibson, Humminbird
Lure: Strike King Tooty Fruity Tubes
Preview: http://youtu.be/Iyrsm_KWY1c

Episode #10
Title: Hard-Hitting Ambiguity
Location: Small Inland Lake
Lure: Strike King Denny Brauer Premier-Pro Model Jig and Elaztech Trailer
Preview: http://youtu.be/vlaaf8VdvrM

Episode #11
Title: Parksville, Sunny-Side Up!
Location: Parksville, TN
Guest: Steve Levi, BoatU.S. Angler
Lure: Strike King Wild Shiner
Preview: http://youtu.be/l8dAkg7VNWg

Episode #12
Title: Tennessee Turnover
Location: Dale Hollow Reservoir
Guest: Crispin Powley, Strike King Lure Company
Lure: Strike King Finesse Football-Head Jig
Preview: http://youtu.be/orXOjgA21BU

Episode #13
Title: Mixed Green Migration
Location: Florida Lakes
Guest: Robert Shamblin, Power-Pole
Lure: Strike King Ocho
Preview: http://youtu.be/TMOFzapve6A

2 – Disc DVD set
13 – Episodes
Over 4 Hours of Footage