Hook n’ Look DVD Bundle (Seasons 1-5)

Hook n' Look DVD Bundle (Seasons 1-5)

“Hook n’ Look,” jump in with both feet as you accompany twenty year veteran professional angler and lead diver, Kim Stricker and his son, Danny, as they explore the lake bottom for an up-close look into the fish’s neighborhood. Much more than a fishing show, “Hook n’ Look” is a captivating fishing experience, above and below the surface.



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Hook n’ Look Complete Seasons 1-5 DVD Bundle has 65 Episodes on 10-DVD’s, with over 20 hours of footage that will educate viewers from a fish-eye perspective as we reveal how the fish are relating to the structure, uncover the forage, and demonstrate the action and effectiveness of our lures beneath the surface.

10 – Disc Set
65 – Episodes
Over 20 Hours of Footage